This striped navy blue & white photography prop is perfect for a content creator looking to add texture to your photography or video work. The soft & elegant striped design will be the perfect styling detail for your flat lays or food content, and it can even be used as a fashion accessory.


COVID BONUS: This linen can also be used as a stylish face-covering mask if needed!


Q: "How can I use this aesthetic prop to style my own pictures?"

A: Most content creators use this prop as a flat-lay styling accessory + fashion accessory + picnic accessory + napkin table setting pictures + baking pictures + kitchen-related content + more!


Q: "Where can I find examples of how other content creators use this prop?"

A: For inspo on how other creators level-up their photo styling by using this and other passion fruit props, visit our Instagram page @thepassionfruitmedia.

Striped Blueberry Linen (43x43cm)

  • Linen Blend (40% Cotton, 20% Linen, 40% Polyester

  • 43 x 43 cm (17 x 17 inches)

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