TikTok Launches 'TikTok for Business' To Promote Their Creative Ads Platform

#TikToK launched a new 'TikTok for Business' platform to provide tools & resources for content creators who want to use the video app for online ads. With this, Tik Tok’s intentions are, “to embrace the creative, positive, and real moments that make our community so special with solutions for businesses to connect and grow with our wonderfully expressive community.".

What is “TikTok for Business” all about?

As explained by the app itself: "TikTok For Business is where you can unleash your brand's creative side. A fully immersive no judgment world where there's an audience for every voice. No matter how big or small your business, no matter what you're making or selling, we believe your brand deserves to be discovered here." You can also "Maximize ROI by ensuring your most important audiences see your ads and track your performance in real-time.".

This new "TikTok for Business" platform (also known as "TikToks Ads Manager") is basically a platform that makes it easy for creators & entrepreneurs to create TikTok ads. The page also includes a variety of resources & case studies to help you understand your overall ROI (Return On Investment). They also decided to, “partner with leaders in 2D & 3D development in an effort to scale creativity and production of AR effects for brands on TikTok. Those partners include Bare Tree Media, Subvrsive, Tommy, and more.".

This is one of the many new updates that TikTok has launched in an effort to compete with other big social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat & more! We're excited to watch the platform grow & we'll be sure to keep an eye out for their next innovating #update.

Author: Nikki Ghamami

Editor: Sabrina Araújo Chamberlain


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