Photography & Content Marketing Tips From A Cape Verdean Food Blogger feat. Crumb-Snatched

Creativity comes in many forms, and the Crumb-Snatched food blog by Crystal Michele is a clear example of that. From mother to creator to recipe developer to photographer... she does it all! Her collection of recipes are tasty, fun to make, and good to the last crumb! Even though some of her recipes are inspired by her Cape Verdean upbringing, most of her creations are inspired by her own personal cravings. She created Crumb-Snatched after she had her second child and felt a need to re-connect with her passion for cooking and food. Her story is incredible, and lucky for us, we were able to #interview her & learn all about which photography & social media marketing tricks she uses to grow her food blog... prepare yourself for some mouthwatering inspiration!

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