How To Turn Off Your Instagram Notifications

On Instagram, by default, you get a notification every time someone likes or comments on one of your posts, along with other notifications such as new followers, direct messages, mentions, etc. Not only can this get in the way of your work/life boundary, but constant notifications can also become a barrier between you and your productivity. Even though it is important to know how your audience is interacting with your account & your content, setting distraction boundaries is just as important for your growth as a professional, which is why we're teaching you how to turn off and customize your Instagram notifications from your phone and your computer.

Customize Your Instagram Notifications From Your Phone:

1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap the hamburger menu Icon:

2. Tap "Settings":

3. Tap "Notifications":

4. Start customizing your "Push Notifications" by clicking on each category:

For example, when you click on "Following and Followers" you can start customizing which notifications you want to receive, and which ones you don't:

Customize Your Instagram Notifications From Your Computer:

1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap your "Settings" icon:

2. Tap "Notifications":

3. Tap “Push Notifications”:

4. Begin customizing your Instagram notifications:

Your notifications will still live in your account and you can see them once you login to your app on your phone or your computer; meaning there is no harm in turning off your updates. If anything, it'll only help you be more productive as well as create stronger boundaries between your personal life & your work life.

If you still need help and would like to speak to a real human for assistance, request our tech support and our social media gurus will be happy to help you out! Keep learning more from our free social media marketing classroom.


Author: Colleen Carroll


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