How To Schedule Your Tweets Inside Twitter (New App Update)

For years, content creators & entrepreneurs have been using #Twitter for creative content and microblog capabilities. Whether you’re a creator or an entrepreneur, you probably already know that Twitter is an excellent platform to directly connect with your audience. With this in mind, Twitter is always rolling out new app updates that enhance the overall user & creator experience. In fact, after over a year of testing, Twitter has finally announced a game-changing #update for all content creators & business owners: native tweet scheduling!

What is native scheduling?

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Native scheduling allows users to create and schedule tweets to be sent out at a later time. This content planning technique was already commonly known between social media managers & content creators who already relied on third-party apps for tweet scheduling, except now you can schedule your content inside Twitter. This not only helps you save time, but you're also saving money (most third-party apps charged you a fee to be able to schedule your tweet).

This native modification is for the busy creator who's looking to be more #productive with your online #strategy. You create a scheduled tweet for up to a full year in advance!

How can you schedule your tweets?

Once you login to Twitter, click "Tweet" on the bottom left corner:

Once your tweet composer pops up, create your tweet as your normally would. You can add your photos, videos, cards, copy, and whatever else you’d like here. When the tweet itself is to your liking, there will be a mini-calendar button towards the bottom center of the pop-up. It should look something like this:

Once you click the schedule button, you should be able to customize the time & date you would like your tweet to go live. It should look something like this:

Once you select when you want Twitter to publish your tweet, click the confirm button on the top right corner, and VOILA, your tweet is scheduled & it will go live at the time & date you selected, without you having to worry about it anymore.

Now, content creators & busy entrepreneurs have a more convenient and easy option to plan out tweets in advance without the hassle of having to go through expensive third-party apps. We wonder if Instagram will pick-up the hint and apply the same native scheduling update to their media app? Imagine a world where you can schedule all your social media posts in advance and for free? Yes please! Until then, we're happy with just the native Tweet scheduling, but we'll keep an eye out hoping that Instagram will be next.

Author: Nikki Ghamami

Edit: Sabrina Chamberlain

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