5 Ways To Stay Creative At Home During COVID-19

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been so many changes in how we live our lives. Your routines & habits have drastically changed, which might make you feel in a rut while you struggle to find inspiration after all this time at home, which is why we want to help you stay inspired & offer you 5 different ways you can keep yourself creative at home:

1. Go outside

It’s easy to let yourself stay inside and work the day away (or snuggle in the couch all day watching Netflix), but that can really take a toll on your mental health. If possible, take your work outside or take a break from it completely. Soak up some sun or take a walk for some exercise to really get the creative juices flowing. When you come back you’ll have a clean slate for yourself to be creative.

2. Write down your ideas

Our thoughts often get jumbled up in our brain and can become extremely overwhelming. Writing everything down can really help you sort out your ideas whether you plan on starting tomorrow or circling back in a year. Experimenting with different ways of writing things down can also help your creativity. Try sticky notes, dry erase boards, different color pens, etc. Writing everything down helps to declutter your brain and really let you focus on what inspires you.

3. Build your knowledge

There is no such thing as learning too much. If you’re passionate or wish to learn more about a subject, dive into it! Read books, watch TED Talks, YouTube videos, listen to Podcasts or Audio Books, conduct research... the sky is the limit. Expanding your knowledge is so important and can inspire you in so many ways.

Bonus challenge: After you learn something new, ask yourself: "What can I create with what I just learned?"

4. Collaborate

If you’re feeling stuck, reach out to a friend and talk about what you’re thinking. Maybe it's an Instagram buddy or even a Facebook group... but make it a priority to find yourself a safe place (be it with a person or a group) that can help you voice out your raw ideas & thoughts. Just by saying out loud or typing what you’re feeling can make a huge difference in your creative process. Find people that can help you build your ideas, come up with new ones, or give you clarity on something you’re unsure of.

5. Self-care

Relax and let yourself unwind! Being at home for so long can throw your routines out of whack, especially your self-care routine. Make it a priority to look good... do it for yourself! You deserve to look in the mirror & feel good about your looks, even when you're at home. Wake up early, make your bed, get dressed, fix your hair, have a good breakfast & watch how motivated & creative you'll feel.

Author: Colleen Carroll

Editor: Sabrina Araújo Chamberlain

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