35 Days Of Instagram Post Ideas For Musicians | Content Calendar Tutorial

Coming up with original content to post on social media can be a challenging task if you're an artist who already spends so much creative energy with your music! But if you're not constantly creating engaging & unique content for your social media channels, you'll have a hard time connecting with your fans and it'll be even more difficult to gain *new*loyal fans. And that's why it's important to actively create strategic content that helps your followers feel like they're getting an unique "glimpse" of your life as an artist. Most fans like to know more about your personal life, behind the scenes of your routine as an artist, learn more about what/who inspires you, your fashion style, etc. So to help *you* stay connected with your fans & grow your fan-base in a strategic manner, we put together this list with 35 social media content ideas for musicians & artists:

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