20 Brazilian Songs To Boost Your Creativity

If your brain is getting tired of your own music playlist & you're looking to explore new beats to give your creativity a bit of a boost... this list is for you!

Bia Ferreira - Brazilian Artist (Picture by Gabriela Meire)

Our Brazilian Founder & Creative Director, Sabrina Araújo Chamberlain, was raised in Brazil and surrounding by good rhythm, which means we're always jamming to Brazilian beats here at The Passion Fruit Media studio! Samba, bossa-nova, pop... each style has a special way of getting you to tap your feet or hum along.

For our in-house team of content creators & digital marketers, it's always important to listen to new #music that inspires us to always stay creative. But we know it's not easy to find unique international songs, which is why Sabrina hand-selected 20 of her top favorite Brazilian songs to help you stay creative & motivated for your next creative idea!

Without further ado, get ready to press play:

1 - Tô em liquidação by Bia Ferreira

2 - Samba by Lagum

3 - Brazilian Soul by Sofi Tukker

4 - Café by Vitão

5- Canta Canta, Minha Gente by Martinho Da Vila

6 - Baianá by Barbatuques

7 - Trevo (Tu) by Anavitória

8 - Um Pôr do Sol Na Praia by Silva & Ludmilla

9 - Reggae Bom by Lagum

10 - Acorda pra Vida by Nazirê

11 - Mais Ninguém by Banda Do Mar

12 - Malemolência by CéU

13 - Mas Que Nada by Sergio Mendes & The Black Eyed Peas

14 - Morena Mariana Nolasco & Vitor Kley

15 - Bixinho by Duda Beat

16 - Domenica by Bia Ferreira

17 - Oi by Lagum

18 - Embrasa by Vitão & Luccas Carlos

19 - Boa Sorte, Good Luck by Vanessa Da Mata & Ben Harper

20 - Céu Azul by Jaloo & Mc Tha

Editor: Sabrina Araújo Chamberlain


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