Passion Fruit Who?

Hey there 👋 we are The Passion Fruit Media! We're a creative media agency & prop shop made for content creators by content creators. We were born out of passion in 2019 in Newport, Rhode Island, USA by Sabrina A. Chamberlain, a former Public Relations & Communications double-major student at the University of Rhode Islandwho at the time was a self-employed photographer & digital marketing strategist for over 5 years with her first business concept "Sabrina Araujo Media". Today she's our Founder & Creative Director and the reason behind our name. "The Passion Fruit Media" name is in honor of Sabrina's favorite Brazilian Passion Fruit smoothie (aka suco de Maracujá ao leite) that she used to drink daily after school in Poços de Caldas, her home-town in Brazil.


The Passion Fruit Media first started off as a creative media agency offering custom photography & videography as well as social media marketing & strategies for local shops & entrepreneurs. Because of that, we were always planning different photoshoots - each with their own concept - which meant we had to constantly hop from thrift shop to thrift shop & countless different boutiques to find the best (and most affordable) aesthetic props that could help us bring our Pinterest mood-board to life (#moodboardgang).


In 2020, when the global COVID-19 pandemic caused the U.S. economy to shut down, we were left with no thrift shops or boutiques that were open to help us find the props we needed for our upcoming projects... and that's when we thought "how perfect would it be if we had a one-stop-shop that already curated the best props & accessories for the modern-day content creator rather than us having to visit 20 different online shops to find what we need". We searched & searched and we couldn't find our dream online prop shop, so we figured "why not start our own shop?", which is when our Prop Shop was born.


We now have an extensive aesthetic collection of props & accessories to help photographers, bloggers, entrepreneurs & business owners to take the best Instagram pictures to help their brand visually connect with their followers! Our founding goal has always been rooted in motivating & supporting our creative community to create the life they want to live, which is why we also offer free tutorials, tips & inspirations through our blog articles & Pinterest mood-boards.

We still love putting our in-house props into action & helping other businesses grow their online presence with style and strategy, which is why we offer custom product photography, custom website design, custom blog posts, SEO development, custom YouTube video thumbnail designs, creative workshops (coming soon!) & more.

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