Meet Sabrina Araújo Chamberlain. She's our Founder, Creative Director & Media Designer! She was raised in Brazil and moved to Jamestown, Rhode Island, her senior year of high school. She then attended the University of Rhode Island as a Communications & Public Relations double major. She was super involved on campus... she founded her own organization called URI Events, was the Director of Communications for Student Senate, the social media manager for the Photography Club & a writer for the school newspaper. Her first "big girl" job was actually with URI as the Digital Marketing Specialist for the Division of Student Affairs & the Memorial Union department (which she says was one of the best experiences she's ever had).

But she comes from a family of entrepreneurs (her brother is actually the co-founder of WhatsGood) and she always dreamed about starting her very own business & being her own boss... So she decided to make it happen!

She started off as "Sabrina Araujo Media" working as a photographer & videographer for uprising models, fashion designers & families. Her very first photography studio was this tiny office space right downtown East Greenwich, Rhode Island on Main Street.


But she missed the marketing side of things, which is when she decided to expand her biz to occasionally service small businesses helping them with their digital marketing presence & website design. She also took this time to travel all around the world taking pictures & videos to expand her portfolio (her favorite spots were Morocco, Greece & France).

As she started to grow her team, she felt weird that the business was entirely geared around her... even the name. Her team was no longer "me"... it was "us". So she decided to start over & rebrand her small biz.

And in June 2019, The Passion Fruit Media was born offering social media marketing, content creation, website design & digital marketing coaching for small businesses in Rhode Island & the region!

Today she's happily married, living right downtown Newport, Rhode Island expecting her first baby boy Matthew September 2021 & excited for the future of her growing small business 

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Today, we work with small business owners & uprising professionals who recognize the importance of maintaining a polished online presence. We have a very clean, airy & natural-oriented aesthetic, so we like to partner with clients who are looking for that kind of service. We basically offer high-end professional services at a low rate. Compared to all of our local Rhode Island competitors, we have the most affordable prices for the level of service we provide... and we aim to keep it that way since we know how difficult finances can be for small business owners & young professionals who already have big bills to take care of. We're not here to break your bank... we're here to help you grow! 

We primarily service Rhode Island, Connecticut & Massachusetts, but depending on the project, we are able to (and more than willing to) partner with long-distance clients. We offer:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Photography

  • Event Photography

  • Portrait Photography

  • Videography

  • Website Design

  • Website Support

  • Copywriting

  • Blogging 

  • Coaching

  • Public Relations

  • Digital Design & more


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